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Sales Psychology

"The meat & potatoes" of building your online business. It's designed to teach you advanced marketing techniques to tap into the psyche of your buyers market. Your audience will be desperate to work with you, so you can avoid being salesy.

Build An Online Business

 "The nuts &  bolts" of building your online business. It's designed to help you focus on the daily action steps necessary to build your internet business. You'll get the skills needed to create your "own" products. You'll learn to create services you can sale online. 

Mentality Boot Camp

 "The foundation principles" for building your online business. It's designed to help you clarify your personal goals and map out your business vision. You'll establish your why, pin-point your income goals, and develop your business vision, mission, and values.

Why I Became A Game Changer 

 I no longer had the Monday morning blues. I didn't have to choose between work and family anymore. It's  great to know that money is being deposited to my account even while I sleep. There's no greater feeling than creating a business that works around my lifestyle. I'm thankful for everything I've learned in the process of creating this business, because it's taught me valuable skills that can't be taken away, even, if there are major changes within the job market. Recently. . .Read More

Total Game Change Customers Have A Lot Say

Rev. H.K. Matthews

Getting My Message Out Effectively & Clearly

"I've been around a long time, and I don't give out compliments lightly,  but before I came to Total Game Change_____ I already had a product, because my life is a product itself. 

Yet, with the Total Game Change system, I discovered how to promote my message of equality and human dignity on a global scale. Not only did the C.E.O. of Total Game Change: Teresa Cole, build me a fabulous website, but she helped me automate access to my services and make more connections through the internet. I'm not sure if she would personally build your website because that was a special favor, but I do know that if you don't register, and learn how to build your internet business with Total Game Change, you're insane, and you're missing out on a golden opportunity to excel with your ideas. 

 People had been promising me for years to help me put together an effect online system so I could extend my global reach, but it never happened___ until I came to Total Game Change, and met Teresa Cole. I couldn't be happier with the services here. 

Laura Zinn  Cosmetologist No fluff; real implementable strategies!

Great Experience 

"I was blessed to be a part of the Beta Test Group. I was floored at all of the value that was inside of the Total game Change Program. No other program could show me how to take my "own" ideas and turn them into digital products that could be sold for 100% profit.

That's why I know that Total Game Change is truly revealing that "everyday people" can earn a living online. I discovered how to narrow down my interest and target certain audiences with my products and services. Everything was super easy to follow, and it seemed like all of the pieces to the puzzle was there to help me reach my online business goals.

Saves So Much Time!

”Awesome...thank you....learned so much from this...”

Yolanda Gonzale

Ax Max

Getting More Customers With Sales Funnels

"I already knew a lot about business from a physical aspect; now I'm using the internet to multiply my profits."

With the Total Game Change system, I discovered how create multi-profitable sales funnels. I discovered how to collect virtual leads and how to plug them into my physical business.

It's been a God send."

Really Easy To Understand Training's!

“Thank You; You Rock!”

CPV TV Owner
Mentor, Coach, & Gym Owner!

I Finally Get It

"I'm not a technical guy at all. When I first came to Total Game Change; I thought I wasn't going to be able to do it. I didn't stay that way for long. I discovered how to maximize my clients potential when I couldn't be right there with them. I'm discovering everyday how I can turn my ideas into digital products so that my clients can log in and have direct access when they are distances away.

Hi there Game Changer! I’m so excited that you are here! Skyrocket your online success, and grab the entire Total Game Change Coaching Program: Mentality,  Biz Builders, and Sale Psychology courses+ additional ways to help you leverage the internet for profits. This is. . .AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY for you to build your online business  at your own pace. You’ll get immediate access to the program, so you can learn as much or as little as you need to in order to reach your goals. Go ahead; build your lifestyle business with (step-by-step) training available to you 24/7.

  • Get Mentality Boot Camp: mental conditioning courses for your online entrepreneurship journey. 
  • Get How To Build An Online Business: key fundamental courses for creating, hosting, and launching online products. . .no more guess work it's all inside
  • Get The Psychology Of Selling: sales psychology courses to help you tap into the psyche of your buyers market and create profitable products and services that they need 
  • Get Total Game Change Weekly Coaching Calls: group coaching calls for personal & business development