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Hi I'm Teresa Cole/Internet Name [Tdaviscole]. I've spent a lot of time in the field as an affiliate marketer, professional blogger, and App creator. After building 5 internet business websites, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. However, I wouldn’t trade my failures or successes . . . They simply taught me what works and what doesn’t. My clients have truly benefited from collapsing some major time frames. They’ve skipped past the things that don’t work and leveraged my experience for the things that do.

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On a Personal Note. . .

I’m just a single mom who got tired of choosing between work & home. Since becoming an online entrepreneur, I've been able to parent full-time by turning my lap-top into my personal ATM. I haven't worked a corporate job in over 5 years & life couldn't be better. I really enjoy the freedom of doing what I want anytime of the day or night. Honestly, building an online business hasn't been the easiest process. I remember what it was like to be overwhelmed by all of the information promising me internet success, but didn't deliver. I really understand the feeling of hopelessness after spending thousands of dollars on long and boring training courses that didn't get me any closer to my goal: building my "own" internet business. It was difficult to find easy to follow, laser targeted training's that could easily fit into my schedule, so I vowed that, one day, I would create them myself! Eventually, I landed a phenomenal mentor who gave me the building blocks that led to my early retirement. I'm actually going to share them with you in easy to follow & laser targeted training's that will help you build your online business so you can experience "true freedom" in your life!