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Total Game Change is a service that provides everyday people from all walks of life with the tools needed to build their online business. The idea is to change the game and help aspiring online entrepreneurs build thriving internet businesses around their “own” passions and desires. Total Game Change will help you develop your ideas into salable digital goods where you keep 100% of the profit!

The Foundation of Total Game Change is built upon The 4 Pillar of Success. It is the basis in which all training’s have derived from. We believe that to truly be successful in a personally branded business model, you need to develop:

  1. Spiritually
  2. Personally
  3. Physically
  4. Financially

Although it appears to be much easier to  create sales funnels, build campaigns, and drive traffic to affiliate offers, the reality is you don’t own any of it. You don’t own the products; you don’t own your list; you don’t have any say so over changes that affect how and when you get paid. Yet, building a solid business around your own ideas and passions could create wealth for generations to come.

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Total Game Change offers the following services:

  • 30-Day Entrepreneurial Mentality Boot Camp: This is literally your action plan if you  you’re a new or veteran online entrepreneur whose making little to no progress earning money on the internet. Often times the lack results is due to: procrastination, stagnation, inability to focus, or simply not knowing what to do “daily” to get the results that you want. These training modules are for you to become clear on who you are as person, your personal vision for your life, your personality traits,  your business strengths and weaknesses, your business vision, mission, and values, and your overall business goals. Each training is designed to ensure that the foundation you’re building your business upon is solid. This plan is also great for helping  you to develop strategies for building a massive mentality that has the potential to create 6-figure ideas & beyond. The 30-Day Mentality Boot Camp will give you targeted “daily” income producing activities that will help you build the million dollar work ethic needed for planning, developing, and launching your internet business ideas for profit. 
  • How To Build An Online Business: These training modules are designed to help you pin-point your target audience, define their specific problem, and develop a marketing message + value packed products and services to serve them. You’ll also get business building strategies to help you set up and launch your internet business. You’ll discover how to create digital downloads, how to use auto responders, how to create highly converting landing pages, overall email marketing, how to build profitable campaigns, how to track analytical data, and how to drive massive traffic! Each training is designed to help you understand and utilize the many internet business building tools available  to build and promote a thriving and stable online business.
  • The Psychology Of Selling: These training modules are focused on sales psychology: understanding your prospects behavioral triggers so that you can communicate with them in a way that they understand. You’ll discover the power of intention by gearing all of you actions towards your desired outcome. These strategies will help you become a master communicator for writing sales copy, conducting  client & prospect phone calls, hosting  webinars & seminars, writing follow-up series, and blogging. You’ll gain effective communication skills to create a winners circle for all parties involved in the marketing conversation. These training modules are also designed to completely dispose of amateur marketing techniques and is the refining fire for true online entrepreneurs to shave off any endeavors that do not line up with or has become a hindrance to their primary vision. In  Total Game Change’s sales psychology courses, you’ll begin to create culture within your brand and generate sales without having to force the process. You’ll learn how to build  six-figure sales funnels and how to magnetically attract those who need your offer to them.
  • Total Game Change Webinar Mentoring: The webinar mentoring is an introduction of newly released training’s and a review of previously posted training’s for clarity purposes. For instance, a Total Game Change Mentor may walk you through creating your sales avatar for pin-pointing your target market even though the training is already posted. The purpose of the review is to help you with any personalized questions that you may have and to aid you in areas that you may need a little more understanding. Webinar Mentoring helps you gain access to live masterminding, provides you with an opportunity to ask questions about the specific training being taught or reviewed, and helps you to connect with your mentors so you can  build relationships with other members of the Total Game Change community.
  • Total Game Change Coaching Calls: These coaching calls are designed to motivate you and to reassure you that you’re not in this thing alone. You’ll hear from the author and creator of Total Game Change; you’ll hear from other members who are getting massive results and how they did it; you’ll hear from other Total Game Change coaches to learn new ways to leverage yourself on the internet and build your internet business successfully. The possibilities are endless with Total Game Change coaching calls because they aren’t scripted conversations but rather real stories and strategies from real people who are really building thriving online businesses!
  • Wealthy Mind Set Audios: Exclusive “locker room” type talk about entrepreneurship mastery. These audios are designed to shift the way you view yourself, your business, and the world around you so that you can get what you want out of all 3 aspects of living. Over-time you’ll discover that your NLP: Neurological Linguistic Program, which has  the most influence on your human experience, will began to develop behavioral patterns that will lead you to your desired outcome in business & life. These audios are designed to be a daily “go to” tool for creating massive overall success. 






Elite: The meat & Potatoes of building your online business! The Elite Coaching System allows you access to the entire Total Game Change System for a full year. With the Elite Coaching System, you get everything in the basic and pro package plus the Epic Total Game Change Series. You’ll learn sales psychology, customer & clients behavioral triggers, master leadership techniques, and many more game changing strategies that will give you an unfair advantage over your competitors. You’ll also get 12 targeted live webinar training’s where you may ask questions about the featured session in an Elite group setting.  You also get 1 group coaching call per week during your 12 month access to the Total Game Change System.

Pro: The nuts & Bolts of building your online business! The Pro Coaching System gives you access to the mentality & clarity training featured in the Basic Coaching Plan. You’ll also get the How To Build An Online Business Series which gives you the technical tools for: creating your brand story, finding your target market, power blogging, content management, building profitable campaigns, creating highly converting sales funnels, and driving massive traffic. You also get 1 group coaching call per week during your 12 month access to the Total Game Change System.

Basic: The foundation principles of building your online business! The Basic Coaching System features Total Game Change’s mentality & clarity training.  The clarity and mentality training has been developed into a 30 day business action plan model so that you can get daily “take action” guidance! You’ll learn the foundation of building a solid internet business. You also get 1 group coaching call per week during your 12 month access to the Total Game Change System.

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How Can You Help Me Build My Internet Business?

Total Game Change can help you build your internet business by providing you with more than false hope “to get rich quick” and more than an opportunity to sell our affiliate products. You’ll get training to develop yourself to be a solid foundation that others want to invest in. Here at Total Game Change, you’ll also receive training on the technical aspects of building your  internet business such as helpful tools  you can use  to construct and operate your online venture. You’ll learn the “how to” of internet marketing as well. You’ll have the opportunity to access mentors, coaches, and other sources to get mastermind ideas, motivation, and encouragement too. No leaf is left UN-turned when it comes to the Total Game Change Business Building System helping you plan, develop, and launch your internet business. If you need additional support, do not hesitate to contact our customer support team HERE.


I look forward to seeing you on the inside

To Your Success~