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Mentality Boot Camp Week 1
  • Freedom "aint" free
  • How to create a vision plan for your life
  • Ultimate Success
  • How to believe yourself into a new reality
  • Do you know how to think
  • Your hidden mind
  • 5 steps to an irresistible online business

 Mentality Boot Camp Week 2
  • Set yourself up for online success
  • Murphy's Committee
  • Master your online entrepreneurship journey with a wealthy mindset
  • Map out your day to increase your pay
  • The power of listening
  • Turn your notes into internet gold
  • The law of attraction

 Mentality Boot Camp Week 3
  • Epic self discovery training
  • Business clarity
  • Your business options
  • The one thing
  • 4 ways to succeed in your internet business
  • Build a wealthier mentality

 Mentality Boot Camp Week 4
  • Destined to succeed
  • Fantasy Vs. Reality
  • Develop your desire
  • Discipline your success
  • Invest in your success
  • Upgrade your relationships
  • Believe it's possible
  • Patience
  • The power of self discovery
  • Accept your true self
  • Inner reflections
  • Responding Vs. Reacting
  • Establish your why & develop your outcome
  • The art of becoming

  Build  Your Business Foundation
  • How to choose your domain name
  • How to create a business plan
  • How to find your target market
  • How to research your business ideas

  Online Superstar
  • The importance of a compelling brand story
  • The elements of a compelling brand story
  • The exchange of value
  • Online stardom "keep em coming back for more"

  How To Create Digital Goods
  • How to plan before you create
  • How to pick the best format options for your content
  • Free hosting options
  • Paid hosting options

  Sale Funnels
  • What is a sales funnel
  • The components of a highly profitable sales funnel
  • How to create your own sales funnel

 Internet Traffic
  • Organic Traffic Strategies
  • Internet Traffic Explained
  • Profitable Campaigns

 Blogging Your Way To Success
  • Motive: how to establish a clear purpose for your blog
  • Influence: how to position yourself on your blogging platform
  • Guarantee: how to assure your audience of the value they will receive through your platform
  • Targeting: how to aim your blog for a specific outcome
  • Selling: how to create blog post that could earn as much as $10,000 per month like clock-work
  • Buying: how to break-down buyers resistance and get customers to buy products and services on your blog
  • Profit Multiplier: how to set up your sales funnel to increase your earning potential
  • Customer Experience: how to create a seamless flow on your blogging platform to help a visitor transition into a customer
  • Domain: how to identify yourself on the Web
  • Hosting: how to rent space on the Web
  • Visual: how to create a warm and inviting virtual home for your visitors to learn and collaborate
  • Blog: how to create blog posts that rank
  • Submissions: how to submit your blog to major search engines
  • Traffic: how to drive mad traffic to your blog
  • Social Media: how to use social media to promote your blog
  • Email: how to use your blog to build your email list
  • Subscriber: how to get over 5000 subscriber with epic bonus content
  • Email Marketing: how to set up auto responders, & create follow up series
  • Capture Mechanism: how to create beautiful landing pages
  • Up-sells: how to create a money multiplying sales funnel
Product Launch 
  • Why you need to do a product launch
  • Tools to make your product launch simpler
  • Creating your product launch mind map
  • Launching your online business
Personality Marketing
  • Discover the [4] primary personality types 
  • Easily recognize the various personality types
  • Learn how to develop marketing messages for each personality type
The Power of B.O.N.D.
  • Connect with your prospects fast
  • Evoke engaging conversation from  your prospects
  • Increase your "Yes" response
  • Discover the 12 second "Yes" connect
  • Learn the barrier that block you from making a sale
  • Find out what B.O.N.D. means in a marketing relationship
  • Learn how to bond with your prospects fast
The Universal Laws of Compliance 
  • Discover the power of mutual exchange
  • Know the benefit of supply shortage
  • Learn why the majority rules
  • Discover how to mandate compliance 
  • Learn how to create a frenzy over your products 
  • Find out how to establish your authority
  • Know how to get what you want
Dynamic Power Moves To A 6-Figure Internet Biz
  • Discover how to increase your value in the marketplace
  • Learn how to create personality & content magic
  • Become irresistible to customers and clients
  • Learn how to increase sales with intimate awareness 
  • Discover how gain instant trust using social proof
  • Predict customer behavior to scale your business up 
  • Discover servant leadership skills to rise above  your competition
Building Bridges For Transformational Change
  • Discover the 5 phases of motivation
  • Learn how to get your client motivated enough to invest in their success
  • Discover how to help your clients set & achieve niche related goals
  • Discover how to meet your clients exactly where they are
  • Learn the process of evaluation to strategically match your clients with the correct level of services